Harina Special 50

Special 50

Ideal for making bread, this flour is manufactured using high protein spring wheat. The protein meets all requirements of conventional bakeries on the basis of their equipment, handling and fermentation retardant process in a refrigerated environment. This flour stabilizes the body of the dough and allows for a crunchy crust thus improving the final quality of the product.

Harina Full Power

Full Power High Gluten

Flour to make bread manufactured using high protein spring wheat with a high gluten content. The high protein content allows it to tolerate abuse, providing strength to the dough and giving stability to the final product. The absorption of this flour guarantees a larger amount of bread per bag of Full Power High Gluten.

Harina Buccaneer


Manufactured based on spring wheat and winter wheat. The type of wheat used and the amount of protein gives versatility, for multiple applications, thus achieving a natural fermentation, elasticity in the dough and easy handling.

Harina Queen Quality

Queen Quality

Flour to make cakes, manufactured using soft wheat. This flour has the necessary softness characteristics for a spongy batter. The granulation allows it to integrate faster with the rest of the ingredients of a cake with the result of a more homogeneous product.

TFBF Harina

Tropical Flour Bromate Free

Bleached, enriched, sifted, bromate-free wheat flour.